The innovative future of bartending? We hope so…

July 30th, 2013


Thanks to Effective Event Solutions for these great pictures of 30 of our Stainless Steel Hip Flasks used at their latest Market Report Launch Event (product code HFE-184).


We applaud their innovative use of the hip flasks, used as a captivating demonstration/taster of what the future of bar tending might look like..


We look forward to their next event to see what great ideas and techniques they come up with.


Effective Event Solutions_July 2013


Effective Event Solutions_July 2013_2


Selected Hip Flasks from £10 + FREE Engraving

July 17th, 2013

As a nod to wedding season, we have launched a special promo deal intended for Groom’s buying flasks for their Best Men and Ushers.

The promotion offers hip flasks from £10 with free engraving.


005 July HP banner Monthly Prize Draw – WIN a personalised hip flask with free engraving

June 4th, 2013 is proud to launch its brand new Prize Draw. Each month our friends on Facebook will have the chance to WIN a handsome hip flask with free engraving in our monthly prize draw. To enter all you have to do is ‘like’ and ‘share’ our Prize Draw Posts on Facebook.


Engraving has become one of our key products as customers increasingly look for customised gift items to make them that extra bit special. Our talented in house engraver will personalise the winning hip flask with whatever text our lucky competition winner would like. The winner’s hip flask will be presented in a Sayers London hip flask box and come with a stainless steel pouring funnel, Sayers London cleaning cloth and a hip flask care card.


The prize draw will take place on the last Friday of every month…so enter now through our Facebook page  – GOOD LUCK!

Facebook Image Giveaway



A Secret Santa Tale from a Happy Customer

January 11th, 2013
We were sent a story while we were on holiday over Christmas and it made us smile so much we asked if we could use it here on our blog, 
luckily for us, and you, we are  allowed to.  So here is the story of John's Hip Flask Secret Santa:

Every year in John's office like thousands around the country they staff have a secret Santa in the run up to Christmas, but while 
many have a strict limit on price John's work are a little more flexible, there is no budget so long as the present is special or 
personal to the recipient, apparently it's to encourage the staff to really get to know everyone.

John this year got lucky; he got his project manager who he had been working closely with all year on a new database for the company.  
While he knew this woman well he wasn't sure how to make the present personal. He knew she enjoyed whisky and travelled around 
Scotland and Ireland each summer touring distilleries.  So he headed to and started to browse our selection of 
flasks.  He decided that he should engrave a message to make it more personalised than just allowing her to carry 
her favourite tipple around. So he discarded the leather wrapped ladies section and found our plain hip flasks. But what to engrave? 
He thought long and hard, deciding that getting her initials or Merry Christmas was not really good enough to make it personal, he 
wanted her to be touched by the thought he had put in.

John told us he had been helping her develop a new database for their company for over a year and it wasn't going well, they were 
constantly being greeted with error messages and it was beginning to grind all on the project down.  John decided that this error 
message should be what was engraved on his boss' flask to make light of it.
He telephoned our customer service and was reassured that the flask would be able have the full message engraved onto it.  And so 
the end of year party came and they all exchanged gifts.  As in so many offices the secret element went out the window as each 
present was opened as it was usually quite obvious who had bought what.
John's boss was showing her present to one of their colleagues who asked
'Who got that for you?'

'John.' Came the reply.

John's colleague then shouted out that this was the best secret Santa present they'd ever had and everyone gave him a round of 
applause.  His boss thanked him profusely and she seemed genuinely touched that he had put so much thought and effort into her 

So that is the story of John's secret Santa present, we are very pleased we were able to help John make his boss so happy and 
hopefully we have made many other people happy too with their Christmas presents.  We love hearing stories like this from our 
customers so if you would like to tell us about how you used your flask or how your loved on reacted please get in touch.

Xmas Party Season – Don’t Forget your Hip Flask

December 13th, 2012

So with Halloween over and the last of the bonfires extinguished it’s time once again to turn our attention to Christmas. The season of giving and good will to all men is pretty frantic here, but we still all look forward to Christmas Parties.

Work, family or friends, the month of December is a whirlwind of parties and social gatherings with people you don’t see very often, or see far too often. Whatever the occasion or event it always helps to have a little back up plan in your pocket should something terrible happen like the bar running out of your favourite scotch or there not being a bar at all.

Our hip flasks are perfect for this scenario, they quietly and discretely sit in your jacket or jeans pocket until they are needed. Our captive top flasks means that you won’t accidentally disappear onto floor during some ill advised dancing to the Macarena. Our smaller flasks, 2 or 3 ounces are very discrete and perfect to fit into a ladies handbag, while the larger 4 and 6 ounce flasks will slide easily into a suit jacket inside pocket.

So remember to bring your flask to your next party, it’ll make a good party better and an awful one bearable.

Stainless Steel or Pewter – which is best for you?

November 6th, 2012


At we are thrilled when customers contact us and perhpas the most frequest question we get asked is whether Stainless Steel is better than Pewter or Vice Versa?’


Pewter is a semi precious soft metal, silver in colour, which has been used to make hip flasks, tankards, goblets and all manner of eating and drinking utensils for centuries. It was initially chosen because like Silver or Gold it doesn’t react with food and is pliable enough to make into many varied shapes and designs. Used for ceremonial containers these days it has become a semi-precious metal and therefore it’s price has risen. When using a hip flask you want to taste the drink not the container and this is one of the main reasons that pewter was used initially. Some traditionalists still see it as being the best for the job while others see it is as the best there was until the invention of Stainless Steel.


Stainless Steel is one of the most widespread metals in the developed world. It’s use in kitchen utensils, electronics and jewellery has meant that everyone knows what you mean when you say Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is to many the new pewter; it is malleable enough to bend into a flask shape. It doesn’t react with the alcohol to give a tinny or metallic taste. Added to that it’s plentiful and cheap which means that more and more people can enjoy the benefits of having a hip flask. So in the end it’s all up to personal choice, we stock dozens of designs of both pewter and stainless steel.


For some the traditional pewter is the only way to go, for those on a budget or more modern thinkers then Stainless Steel does just as well. Whatever flask you choose we’re sure you’ll make the right decision and be satisfied with every drop you sip from it.


Engraved Best Man Flasks

October 16th, 2012

The wedding season might be over for another year but the wedding fair season is just kicking off as the cycle begins again. As you and your partner wander around the stalls looking at place settings and listening to an array of wedding bands you should be able to rest assured that a truly unique and personalised present awaits your best man.


Pewter hip flasks have been a traditional gift for your best man for generations and now we offer engraving so you can commemorate your this special day in your lives with his name, the date, a message, a quotation or even an outline photograph.


We have a wide range of pewter hip flasks suitable for engraving, with a wide range of sizes to fit lots or little text.  If you wish to engrave an image please contact us directly to discuss this service.


So go on, tick this one thing off the list early so you can be sure that he’ll remember your day forever every time he takes a swig from his personalised flask.

6oz Pewter Hip Flask - EngravableStainless Engravable Flask

Ladies Flasks

April 16th, 2012


Summer is fast approaching and our minds turn to one thing…having fun! Whether nights out, holidays by the beach or picnics in the park we just want to be outside enjoying the weather and each others company.  We think a cute dinky hip flask is the perfect companion to an unforgettable summer. However, we don’t mean for the boys! We have a superb and ever growing category of flasks for ladies which come in all colours, shapes and sizes to make sure we have something for every girl.




Colourful Leather Hip Flask

April 11th, 2012


Looking for an unusual gift for the summer? Something fun and quirky that is sure to impress?


We have just launched a superbly summery collection of colourful leather hip flasks that are THE accessory to any picnic, BBQ or party this year. These dinky leather hip flasks hold 3 oz to fit easily into your jeans pocket, jacket pocket or ladies handbag making them more portable than ever. Similarly, filled with your favourite tipple they are great to share with friends on a special occasion.




OFFICIAL Liscened Arsenal FC Hip Flask

February 21st, 2012


Check out our brand new football hip flasks. We  have a great selection of official football flasks made from Stainless Steel in two different models, wrapped and embossed to suit all tastes.

Arsenal FC Hip Flask 

We have a whole range of Football HipFlasks so please browse our Sports Category.